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Saved Searches/Deleting Entries.

Question asked by penticton on Apr 3, 2014
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Here's one that should stump even the savviest of Shaw professionals, I have several saved searches within my T.V.'s menu, Now what I can't seem to figure out is how to DELETE my saved search entries, I can add more, but nowhere can I find an option to remove any of them, now what's happening is I have ton's of OLD searches I don't use anymore and no way to delete them, thus creating a huge list of unnecessary saved searches I have to scroll through to get to the ones I want.

From what I see from how the menu is layed out, I could technically keep saving different searches until my saved search menu is filled into oblivion, please tell me this is an oversight on my part and that I'm missing something here.....





Shaw Staff: Maybe you guys have some insight into this? I'm stumped!

Below is an image of exactly how my menu looks, above the letter selection box you can see a back arrow, then SP (which is for adding a SPACE), then SAVE, using SAVE will save your search to a list which will open on another screen, but what I'm trying to do is remove my OLD searches that I don't want anymore, but as you see here there is no DELETE or DEL button, from what I see there's no way to do this, I hope this addition to my original post helps explain it a bit better.

I see the HD box menu has a DEL button to remove old entries, but the box which I have, depicted in the image below does not.



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