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1 to 3% packetloss to default gateway (

Question asked by sonofriechuk on Apr 3, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2014 by [shaw]heather
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Spent the last hour with tech support and they indicated that there was a general "packet loss" issue in Winnipeg. Support couldn't provide any details of this issue or length. For the last few weeks I've been suffering from disconnects during VPN, streaming and gaming and after some investigation found that I'm getting roughly 1% - 3% packet loss.


Ruled out all internal network equipment by directly connecting to the modem with multiple PC's. Have left my modem off for a day at a time and force cycled to get a new IP. Regardless when pinging and trace routing to the default gateway I'm getting between 1% to 3% loss.


Demonstrated this to technical support - even with remote assistance - and they agreed that the issue is on Shaw's end but couldn't provide me with anymore information then monitor in the next days and call back. Not too pleased.


Unfortunately, I'm stuck with posting this message in the support form to get any attention.