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TV now blinks with HDPVR installed

Question asked by sofaspud on Apr 4, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2014 by sofaspud

My son gave me his old HDPVR (Motorola DCX3400). Had some issues with activating my account last weekend (Shaw turned the PVR off remotely but it wouldn't turn back on) but yesterday a Shaw tech walked me through it over the phone. Last night TV was great - SD as well as HD channels, although changing display aspect ratios when going HD to SD and back was annoying.


Today I see "blinking" on both SD and HD channels. By that I mean a good image for 10 seconds then a "blink" or half-second of blank, then back to the image. That goes on every 10 seconds or so. Sound is not affected.


Is the fix to unplug both PVR and TV for 5 minutes, plug in the PVR then the TV and then turn on the PVR followed by the TV? (to re-establish the handshake)  Why was yesterday a good viewing experience yet today not so much?