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Android Tablet WIFI connection problems

Question asked by maurice_vcr on Apr 6, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2014 by shaw-matt

I have a Motorola internet modem, connected to a Cisco (Linksys E1500) wireless router. I have had this combination working just fine for long time. I have two windows PCs connected, as well as a wireless printer. All functions well, and we connect to the network and the internet just fine. I've got two Android tablets and they have worked perfectly on the network and the internet for a couple of years now.


A couple of weeks ago, the Android tablets suddenly stopped getting internet connectivity. I have made no changes to either the router or the tablets themselves. Both tablets are visible on the network, and I can access the admin pages for the Linksys router and the motorola modem, and the router shows them connected with ip addresses - so they are definitely on the network. There is just no internet connectivity. (My two pcs have internet connectivity.)


I have tried all the usual stuff - disconnecting the router and the modem and leaving them unplugged for a while, then re-connecting. No go. I've reset the android tablets several times. No go. I've changed the broadcast channel, changed the password, changed the SSID and still nothing.


When I take my tablets to a public wifi hotspot, I connect easily and get internet connectivity right away.


My question: Has Shaw suddenly decided that network devices are limited? Have they throttled Android internet requests? Anyone got any ideas?