Suggestions for improvements to new HDPVR

Discussion created by debrajackson on Apr 7, 2014
Latest reply on May 31, 2014 by [shaw]andrew

I just had the new Arris HDPVR installed one week ago (as an upgrade because some of the channels I was paying for were taken away with no compensation to me). All-in-all, it's pretty good, but I have some complaints.


1) The guide is hard to see in a bright room. Are you doing something to make it easier to read?


2) The station icons are too small when you choose the five lines of guide at a time. I don't like the larger icon option because it only gives me three lines of guide at a time. Something in the middle?


3) A feature I miss from my last Shaw PVR (which, by the way, was working just fine), is to be able to get a two-week listing of one channel only by going to the guide, choosing a station, then hitting guide again. I would get a list of that channel only for the next two weeks. As it is now, one has to keep hitting the right arrow and this is very time consuming.


4) Another feature I miss is the quick erase at the end of a program, or at any point in a recording. I would just hit "Stop" and it would offer me the option of deleting the program.


5) A problem that is really annoying is that when I hit "Skip" or FF on a recorded program, about 20 minutes into the skipping it jumps back to the start of the program. It will also jump all over the place when rewinding. I know most people don't need to skip through that far, but sometimes you just want to, for whatever reason, and I could always do that with my previous PVR...super annoying and time-consuming.


6) On the music stations, particularly 420, (and I only listen late at night, so not sure what's going on during the day) the album covers and song titles are wrong. They jump ahead to the next song up and call it the current song, or it's off by half a song. I know most of the songs, so it's not like I'm confused, but why not make it right?