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Broadband 100 speed degradation?

Question asked by wiredpuppy on Apr 8, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2014 by shaw-colin

Hello all


I recently upgraded my Shaw cable modem to the new Cisco DSP3825 because I was having connection dropping issues with my old SMC modem. After installing the new cable modem (which is in "bridged" mode because I want to continue to use my existing Netgear 802.11AC router) I thought I would go up to the Shaw "SpeedTest" site to confirm that I was getting reasonable internet speeds. It doesn't matter how often I run it (nor what time of the day I run it) it never exceeds 50 mbps. The "results" page always says I'm in the Broadband 50 range, despite being a Broadband 100 subscriber (see graphic). When I used to run this speed test I consistently was getting in the 70-80 mbps range and the "results" page always reported that I was in the "Broadband 100" zone.


I phoned Shaw tech support and the tech support guy indicated that 50mpbs was normal for Broadband 100. I guess my question is, based upon my previous experience with running Speed test (and it always reporting I was in the Broadband 100 band, is this the new normal? I know that getting 50mbps isn't really possible if I was just a normal Broadband 50 subscriber, but I find it strange that I'm discovering this issue after upgrading the cable modem.


I reside in the Sherwood Park, Alberta region.


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