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power went out and so did the network for the phone service

Question asked by matthew.sourtzis on Apr 8, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2014 by matthew.sourtzis

I recently had a power outage in my area. As a result the Shaw phone network went down in the Thunder Bay Ont north core area on Tuesday April 8th @7PM , This concerns me very much so as the phone service is a vital service to me for on call emergency purposes and should not go out because of a power outage. I am disappointed in the service and it is not to do with the phone modem as that stayed on like it should though the upstream and downstream went out as the power failure affected the shaw network in general?

why is this? should the nodes have some sort of emergency power back up like a battery ups?

What happened? I don't feel I can trust the phone service and am thinking about switching to the old fashioned copper local telecomm company for phone for reliability. What's the point of having a battery backup in the modem if the network goes out with the power? I hope you guys seriously look into this issue as it sounds like a fault issue with the power backup for the network.