new series recording problem - next week's NEW episode not scheduled

Discussion created by bcb on Apr 8, 2014
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today I find a different 3510 problem with scheduled series recordings - this time I notice in advance that next week's new episode is not scheduled, even though it is clearly marked in the guide as "NEW". circumstances appear different than the previous problems reported so I want to document it here separately.


specific details:

I've been successfully recording the series Agents of SHIELD, each week on ch 84, 5pm (the early, East coast feed).

This week's episode (4/8), as with all previous weeks of this show, recorded and played back fine. Afterwards I happened to hear that next week they will re-broadcast this weeks episode (with it's surprising plot twist) followed immediately by next week's new episode.


Since I recently had a problem where a long-standing series I've got scheduled suddenly failed to record a new episode, I decided I would check my scheduled recording list in advance, to make sure my various series recordings this week and next are all scheduled correctly. This is actually something I've learned to do in the past 16months -- basically the 3510 needs constant babysitting to see if things are actually working as they should, as the only thing it can be trusted to do is every once in a while screw something up royally.


Then I noticed that next week's episode on 4/15 does NOT appear in my scheduled list!


on further investigation of the guide listing, I notice that on 4/15 ch84, there are in fact two back-to-back episodes of Agents of SHIELD listed in the guide, and just as I had heard, the first one (in the normal 5pm timeslot) is a repeat of this week's episode, immediately followed at 6pm by a NEW episode (marked as such in the guide). But that NEW episode has not been set to record, even though I have a series recording set for this show.


it seems that the change in timeslot for next week's episode has confused the oh-so-intelligent 3510, and it cannot figure out how to setup next week's recording even though there is clearly a new episode on the designated channel. THIS IS A BUG.  Someone really needs to take a close look at the code for how series recordings are set, it really should not be this hard to do!


just as a check, I just now programmed a new series recording for the 3hr-later west coast airing of Agents of SHIELD, 8pm ch 9, starting with tonight's episode (4/8). Upon checking the schedule list, I see that this new series recording DOES correctly pick up next week's new episode. Upon further investigation of the guide, I see that unlike the east coast feed, the later west coast broadcast on 4/15 only broadcasts the new episode, not the back to back 4/8+4/15 episodes next week. So the 3510 manages to figure out that series ok. Obviously it gets confused with the back-to-back old+new episode on ch84.


anyhow, here I have this expensive, supposedly advanced-technology PVR and in order to record new episodes of a series I must once again babysit the box and manually check each week and reprogram things to make sure my recordings are not missed. Thanks again, Shaw