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Extremely Spikey Internet. Very Slow Speeds... St.James, Winnipeg

Question asked by dustinyewy on Apr 10, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2014 by [shaw]ali

Title speaks for itself. Last few days my 100Mbps internet has been getting below 1Mbps. Have contacted Shaw through twitter which hasn't proven helpful. Tried manual resetting modem twice, no help. Shaw has reset it from their end, no help. I've tried Speedtest and Shaw Speedtest, tested it on 2 pcs, a laptop and PS3/PS4. All the speeds were spikey all over the place. I will post a few pics here to show you how bad it is. It's frustrating pay $90 for internet that I can't use. Some help would be great or even some insight into why it's not working.Shaw speed test 1.jpgShaw speed test 2.jpg


Shaw speed test 3.jpg



Shaw speed test 5.jpgShaw speed test 6.jpg


Shaw speed test 7.jpg



Shaw speed test 8.jpg


Most recent is the last one from not long ago. As you can see. Nowhere near the 100 Mbps I pay for.