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Best way to get more wireless coverage?

Question asked by gpladsen on Apr 12, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2014 by shaw-matt

I have been using our DPC3825 router supplied by show for over a year and have very weak or no WiFi signal strength in our basement. Our router is on the top floor where the main family computer is and would rather not move it. We get great WiFi strength in the top and middle level of the home but once you get down to the third level you can barley connect. Three family member live upstairs and my son live downstairs in the basement along with our media room where WiFi would be useful. We have Cat5 running throughout the house and we have put two RJ45 Jacks in, one in the media room to connect our computers and one in my sons where he has his computer, both on the bottom floor.

What I am wondering is what would be the best way to get a stronger WiFi signal in the basement? We tried a WiFi Range Extender but it was useless. Would something like this wireless access point be our best bet  or should I get a new router and bridge it? I have an old D-Link DIR 625, anything we can do with that? Just looking for some suggestion or any help as to what the best way to do this would be. Also if we did bridge the router we would still keep that new router upstairs, in which case would you recommend a wireless access point anyway?

Thank you for any help.