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Lag Spikes while playing FPS game

Question asked by jay_f21 on Apr 11, 2014
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Ever since I switched with SHAW I couldn't be any happier until late December 2013 till now (April 2014). I play this free2play FPS game called "Combat Arms"(North America Server) and I lag spike every once in awhile(almost every 5 seconds). I thought the problem was my pc being a little old so I decided to upgrade it, built my own to suit my needs and still, NO LUCK. So it came to the conclusion that maybe it was the internet itself that is causing these lag spikes. I know that it's not from the game's server because a friend of mine who lives a couple distance from me uses the same internet service I have (25 Mbps) and he doesn't feel the lag spike. Any help would be appreciated and hopefully everything will go back to normal. Thanks!