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Spam emails that show Shaw as sender

Question asked by on Apr 12, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2014 by shaw-matt


On March 23 I received an email on my Blackberry supposedly from Shaw requesting that I click on a link to prevent my account from being purged, which I foolishly did. My webmail was immediately wiped out. My Outlook emails appeared to be unaffected. The Shaw helpline confirmed that the email was bogus, and I got the impression that they were aware of these emails. I changed the password on my webmail which has caused my Blackberry to quit receiving emails. On March 24 we left on a two week trip, so I wasn't able to do anymore, but at least I could access my webmail on an Ipad and stay up to date.


Today, April 12, I got another email "from" Shaw (this time in Outlook) requesting me to click on another link. This time I didn't do anything but call the Shaw helpline. I was told to forward the email to and, which I did. I then checked to see if my webmail was okay, and once again it has been wiped clean. Why?? I didn't even open the email, let alone click the link which I assume contained another problem.


Now I'm really getting worried. Do I need to be concerned for all the people who have sent me emails and who addresses would have been in the webmail? If another email "from" Shaw comes in, how do I prevent more problems if this last one didn't even need to be opened? Finally, why is Shaw not providing some alerts / warnings or advice on how to deal with these attacks?