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How do I get my e-mail service back?

Question asked by loonieburger on Apr 13, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2016 by shaw-don

It seems, based purely on guesswork, that my account may have been suspended since somehow my account may have been compromised for a day.  Without any notification, if this is the case, Shaw suspended the account without even attempting to contact me.


Despite how obviously idiotic this is, I just need to know how to get my account back.  I used the Shaw portal to change my password but still can't access the account through webmail - thus, again, I'm guessing the account's suspended.


Do I need to call, yet again, wait on hold for another 15 minutes, yet again, only to have someone pick up, yet again, and not respond when I repeatedly say "hello?  HELLO?" only to have them hang up on me, yet again?


Could I not simply post somewhere that I need my account to be reactivated since I've obviously taken care of the issue and have them do something?


Appreciate any help.