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Arris DVR - issues, glitches and my "wish list"

Question asked by debrajackson on Apr 14, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2014 by shaw-colin

Hello again:


I communicated with Ali last week, and since have discovered some more issues and glitches with the new Arris, and my wish list is growing longer. In particular, I'm missing a number of features from my previous Motorola DVR that the new Arris doesn't support, or perhaps I need some instruction.


1)  Some shows (NHL games, Nurse Jackie (new season), Young & The Restless and General Hospital) don't have information on the game or episode. For instance, on my old DVR it would give us the season history between the two teams playing, and brief episode descriptions of the shows. The weird part here is that if I look at "Other Showtimes" for that show, it does have a description on SOME showings, but not on the episodes that I'm recording as a Series. It seems rather hit-and-miss. This started when the new DVR was intalled. I thought the program descriptions were provided by the stations. If that's the case, why did it suddenly change with the new DVR?


2) When deleting a program that I recorded, I hit "Stop", "Info" and "Delete Program", it often goes to a blank screen that I can't "exit" out of. Sometimes it goes back to the list of recorded shows, but not always...annoying. I then have to hit "Guide", which is not always what I want, or start all over in the menu to get back to the list of recorded shows.


3) On my old Motorola, I could go to Series, and with one touch see the day/time/channel of the series recording AND how many episodes are scheduled for recording as of that date. From that screen I could make changes, Now we get a long list of options to change the recording, but nowhere do I see a "recap" of the series recording. On one of those options, you can see Other Showtimes, but you have to scroll through sometimes a very long list to see the upcoming recordings of that show...time-consuming.


4) Can't "scroll" up and down, left or right, from the remote. You have to press (hard) on the direction arrows to move one program or channel at a time. Again, not time-efficient and bad for someone with arthritis or carpal tunnel. I know you can hit "Page Down" or "Page Up" for channels, but that isn't always what we want, and doesn't work for left and right. Any plans to change this?