Where do I start?

Discussion created by ddnova on Apr 15, 2014
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Stuck with having to use one of Shaws new DVR's , heres the list of problems:


1: partially thru or entire recordings no sound, picture still there but no sound.

2: records reruns of series even though i have it programmed to record "new" omly

3: show records but is pixellated with show im watching during recording in the background

4: numerous steps required to do most anything that can be streamlined

5: making a favourites line up is extremely time consuming

6: Shaw techs only work the same hours as most people so arranging a time to meet is at cost of customer having to cut out of work.

7: Shaw realising all of the above and doing nothing about it.


My old Motorola DVR running software NOT designed by Shaw worked flawlessly