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Ongoing connection issues St. Boniface area Winnipeg

Question asked by designerwood on Apr 15, 2014
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Normally Shaw has been great in the past couple of years that I've lived in St. Boniface. Lately however (last quarter), it seems we're having more and more service outages or speed issues.


Last week, it was down for part of the afternoon and most of the night - or 'almost' down getting 0.06mbit connection, taking 10min+ to load a webpage. Essentially useless. Today I had a brief outage at 6:10pm for ~15min, but that ended my day of work. And weeks prior I've had issues as well (complete outtage at times), some I've called in for depending what I'm doing as you can see I'm sure.


The main problem is I work as a web developer from home and need a reliable service. Why are there so many issues lately in our area? I started to call in tonight, but the problem resolved itself. I have no routers, etc. other than yours and whenever I do call in it appears to be not just me.