CS:GO experiencing issues where my ping will randomly go 40-50ms to 140ms in a split second

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Hello, I play CS:GO competitively and am experiencing issues where my ping will randomly go from 40-50ms to 140ms in a split second. Along with these spikes I am getting significant choke and it is causing rubberbanding in the game. It seems to only happen at night time, during the day I haven't noticed it at all.


I notice it on both ESEA servers and valve MM servers. I know this is a fairly common issue with Shaw as there are similar problems here:


As well as the posts on this forum about it. What can I do to resolve this? Here is my result from WinMTR, pinging an illinois ESEA server




As you can see, thought the 'average' ping is mid 40s, the 'worst' is 130-140. This constantly happens in game and is very frustrating to deal with. I have tried power cycling my modem multiple times as well as changing my shaw provided router to bridge mode and using my own router.


I will also note that I have stayed at my girlfriends apartment multiple times, using this exact computer. She has MTS internet, and while playing from her internet connection I experience none of these issues. Though I've been a loyal shaw customer for a long time, it's causing me to consider switching if there isn't anything that can be done from shaw's side.