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Series Recording Keep "n" days does not delete after "n" days.

Question asked by felgin on Apr 17, 2014
Latest reply on May 1, 2014 by gamerguy

A very nice feature of the Gateway PVR is the Series recording option Keep for "n" days (2,3,4,etc. days) option. This could be practical for recording frequent programs such as NHL Hockey that do not necessarily require serial viewing.  That is, programs that you would not mind if they were automatically deleted after "n" days. This feature avoids a frequent series (multiple times per day/week) filling up the PVR recording space. The series recordings do not need to be managed manually for deletion.


What I have discovered is that series recordings set for Keep for "n" days, actually are retained beyond the "n" days and are subsequently set to Keep "until space is needed" after "n" days elapses. Not only can this lead to the PVR filling to capacity with recordings, it could also result in recordings of less frequent series that have default setting of Keep "until space is needed" being deleted because they are older than the frequently repeated series recordings set for Keep for "n" days.


Gateway Software Version with the above bug is:


The Keep for "n" days feature would be most useful for the NHL playoff series recordings.