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slow download speed?? throttling??traffic shaping??

Question asked by jitz on Apr 17, 2014
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I have been testing my system at home as I was trying to watch a streaming video. My connection speedtest shows 25Mbps down/2.5Mbps up.

The movie I was trying to watch HD needed about 3.5Mbps/sec down. I can't seem to get my connection on the file to give me more that 250KB/s down. (so I can't watch a 720p or 1080p without stuttering)


If I do a segmented download on the file I can get upwards of 15Mbps down which is more than enough. But that only works over several parallel streams to do the download.


I have the file stored on a virtual server that I am leasing. The server can easily support 10MB/s upload and download. So I am trying to figure out where the connection is getting throttled from my virtual server to home.


Has anyone run into this kind of scenario? and found a solution.


I called shaw support over the last couple of days and they say the modem is working fine but can't seem to explain why I can't get a 15Mbps download  or better on the one file I want.


I have tried connecting straight to the modem and also from behind the router, and the same issue persists.


My PCs at home have more than enough power as they can transfer files between each other at 35MB/s or better.(Gigabit lan)


I have tried sftp and http download and get the same limitation in both cases. max out at 275KB/s per connection


Any idea on how to get my download speed increased?


Thanks in advance