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Internet cuts in and out "burps"

Question asked by scypheroth on Apr 18, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2014 by [shaw]jeff

Hello, i have been having issues with my internet since day one! I got shaw broadband 100. Now let me get started on my issue. I have 2 direct connection computers, 2 Laptops Wireless and 2 cells wireless. All computers have been freshly formatted and 100% updated and are good to go! Every oh 15 to 30mins the internet would "burp" and just go out....and when it does the modem lights are not effected all remain lit and active. When this burp happens all computers, wireless and wired go down. If you are in a game you get disconnected if you are watching internet t.v the movie stops...but then comes back on within a few seconds to a minute.


I have replaced this Motorola modem 3 times with shaw, my last time being about 24hrs i have contacted support within the last hr and they dont know what to do so they are sending out a tech next i have to pay full price for a service that works 50% of the time.


So i thought i would try here to see if i can get any help...anyone?