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Problems with websites

Question asked by stephenwmsmith on Apr 19, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2014 by [shaw]heather

I use Google Chrome, and have found that websites are not loading at all. I can still use my skype, my laptop is still connected to the shaw wifi, the cable modem still has all its lights on. But no websites load up. I am also having a similar issue with my iPhone. No apps that require internet, email, or even the Safari can load up, and yet i can still send iMessages back and forth with my friends, and the phone is still connected to the wifi and it has good strength. When the websites don't load it says something about DNS, but I've done a DNS flush and it hasn't helped at all. I've checked other browsers and they don't appear to work either. I did a chat with someone and they kept telling me that it was just wifi interference (I spent a good amount of time saying that it still happens even if I have my phone or laptop right on top of the modem, and that I have NOTHING in my apartment that he listed off as being able to interfere with the modem) every other friend I have in the city of Calgary who has Shaw Cable has perfect internet, never has an issue such as this so I'm just trying to figure out what makes my internet not want to work the way that it should.


My laptop uses Windows 7 and it is up to date to my knowledge (just checked and no important updates).