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30 Day Cancellation Notice - Clarification Please

Question asked by 7825 on Apr 22, 2014
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I called your disconnection (loyalty) department as I want to terminate Cable and Internet services as of June 2nd. I will keep my Shaw Digital Phone for a month beyond June 2nd. I was told on the phone that because I am not closing the whole account on June 2nd that 30 days notice is not required. He told me that on June 2nd I should just go into the Shaw outlet and cancel the TV and Internet in person and that it would be cancelled that day - no advance notice required. I am HIGHLY skeptical of this. I do NOT want to be billed for TV and Internet beyond June 2nd, and he told me that it was not required to put a note on my account.


Therefore I am seeking CLARIFICATION as to your 30 day cancellation policy, and want to know if there anything else I need to do, as today is April 22nd and is well before 30 days of June 2nd. So is 30 days notice only required if your cancelling all services? I understand that when I cancel phone (aka Port my phone number) in late June that when the number gets ported I may be billed 30 extra days.


Note: I am not interested in discussing other packages, etc. I am aware of your offerings (remember I already spoke to loyalty) and I have no complaints of your service, just got a way better deal from your competitor. I just need the home phone to stay active beyond the June 2nd termination date for cable and internet.


Thank you in advance for your help