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Suspending Shaw TV is pricey and inconvenient

Question asked by kritiker on Aug 31, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2012 by shaw-lance

A relative had damage to the home that rendered it uninhabitable. Due to the nature of the insurance claim process, the need for estimates, time to reach a decision and for the successful contractor to schedule the work, we are unable to say whether we need the TV (basic cable-no digital box) suspension for three weeks or three months.


At first I was told (Chat CSR) that we weren't eligible for the service suspension at all, that it was available only for vacations. I suggested that we just pretend that this was a vacation and that seemed to satisfy the CSR. I then learned that 10 days' notice was required and that the minimum suspension was for 1 month and that a $29.95 fee applied to reconnect the service. So I booked it for 2 months, figuring I could either lift it early or extend it, as needed. Of course, we've already missed over a week's use of TV at that house, but that is not Shaw's fault.


I am not too happy though about paying for another 10 days that we don't need and then a further $29.95 fee to reconnect.