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dota 2 steam troubles

Question asked by %2300 on Apr 23, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2014 by %2300

well i keep getting booted in the middle of my matches and then i cannot reconnect but i am still able to access internet

every time i get disconnected from a match i get put into low priority pool for 5 games if i can manage to stay connected for a whole game

some steps i have taken to fix issue not in any order

1.subscribe faster internet speed 100mbps

2.update drivers

2.a tried other os ubuntu debian weakerthan kali backtrack mint cent redhat win 8 win 7

3.create application exception in bit defender

3a.change antvirus to f-secure

4. tried connecting to different steam servers  ie vancouver, Seattle, "Seattlecomcast" ,uswest lan party ,calgary

5.tried different dns servers

6.set up port fowarding in my cisco moden router

7.routed traffic thought 10gbps vpn

8. bought new computer

9.hard reset on modem

10.power cycle modem network card Ethernet cord

13.static ip assignment

so guys what am i missing???

please help forever in low priority