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Has anyone else experienced these strange occurences recently?

Question asked by jetranger on Apr 24, 2014
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A few odd things happened to my Gateway system in the past week.  The first was that it recorded a 2 hour time period on CNN from about 7-9am.  I hadn't set this recording and I don't wake up until at least 8am so I don't think I set this recording unless I did it in my sleep somehow. (I do suppose that is possible but I highly doubt it).


The second thing was a recording of 'The Daily Show' on CTV from Monday night(Tuesday morning, really) somehow managed to wind up being only 26 minutes and I have it set to start early and end late.  I had to watch it carefully to find where the 'skip' was as the recording was continuous but somehow wound up shorter than it should have.  It turned out that around the 17 min mark there was some kind of anomaly that somehow missed the time in question yet the recording on the screen seemed almost seamless.  The interview segment ended at a point that could have been appropriate and a commercial started right away.  The only way I was able to find this was a second recording of this episode, from a completely different channel, showed up for just this one night.  This is the more strange happening, to me.  At 4:00am, the Gateway recorded the next airing of this episode but from the Comedy Channel rather than CTV like it is programmed for.  In this instance, I was pleasantly surprised to find a recording of the same episode and that it was the usual 30 minutes(although I do have the original set for an extra minute on each end.)  This is how I was able to find the glitch in the first recording as I had a complete one to compare to.


Finally, also on Monday(I think), a program I had set to record as a 'one off' didn't record.  When I look it up in the 'cancelled and deleted' list, it shows as 'didn't air'.  Now, given that I have the program that immediately preceeded this particular show set as a series recording and it too is set to record an extra minute, I could clearly see that the 'one off' program did in fact 'air'.  So, why then would the Gateway somehow think that it didn't?  The guide had shown that it was to air as that is how I was able to set the recording in the first place.  Talk about a ghost in the machine...


So, has anyone else had anything like these happen to them recently or ever before?