Counter-Strike: GO ping spikes

Discussion created by juan_garcia0923 on Apr 24, 2014
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Confirmed same issues here in Calgary. I play CSGO some what competitively for years and nothing but latency issues. Ping spikes up to 1800ms. That's just insane.


I had many issues with Shaw over the last few years that a change to another Television and Internet provider would be refreshing. I recently upgraded to Broadband 100+ thinking that this would solve all my issues. One night I am downloading some files and noticed that my Broadband 100 was screaming fast...a whopping 2 to 3mbps. What happened to the other 97mbps!!. The answer was my network node was saturated. Nothing could be done.


Last year I had someone call and let me know I could have a phone at no additional cost. I thought wow they courtesy called me to let me know about this deal so I could take advantage of a complete shaw bundle at no extra cost. Internet Phone, Broadband 50, and a decent channel line up. About two months go by and I realized that I was missing a few channels 'Please call shaw to subscribe'. Weird, I had these channels for a year already so what could have happened? I decided to check Speedtest.net after I realized my internet speeds were very low. 15 to 20 mbps was the test. Hmmm. I decided to call and wait about 1 hour to talk to someone about these issues. Well after 45 minutes I got my answer. No additional cost actually meant we are going to downgrade your internet and cable package to squeeze in the internet phone. I battled for 1 additional hour and managed to get the 'old grandfathered' channel codes applied again but they would not give me Broadband 50 for $50 which was the regular monthly price I signed up for. I was angry but cornered since I recently purchased the gateway and portal systems. Shaw needs to make a serious commitment to customer service.