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McAfee sucks

Question asked by dualsport on Apr 28, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2014 by shaw-phil

I was using Microsoft Essentials anti virus but with recent support being dropped for XP users, I thought I should change.

So I went to McAfee, ever since my computer is slow, the fan is coming on all the time indicating to me the processor is busy,

I have had two updates from McAfee telling me I has received this big important update, I think I will move on and find another

anti virus,  fSecure which Shaw had before was about the same nuisance as I recall, why can't shaw find something smooth

like I found MSE to be,  anyone else notice McAfee being a computer hog, my computer fan is running right now, I presume this is

McAfee, ever since I downloaded McAfee this goes on and on and the computer is slower than ever......