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What should I do to change a another IP address

Question asked by greatmanwr on Apr 29, 2014
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Hi I'm a new customer of shaw cable (not exectly new, I was allways using shaw with my firends before), just installed new TV/Internet cable last weekend since I moved to a new place. anyway, new TV/Internet looks perferct at first, but when I trying to use my Internet doing other features (like remoting access my computers, web pages visitings... by Port Forwarding)... all fails. it turns my IP is blocked, it blocked by couple ISP companys inclued shaw.

it seems this IP must did some bad stuff before making it be blocked, but as a new customer is not fair to be assigned a IP like this...

I did some search in this forum, it seems I'm not the only one facing this kind of issue...


Is there anyway to make me change a healthy IP address? from some posts it looks the IP address nomally not change, unless change another modem, if this is correct, will shaw help me change another Modem? how?



releay appreciate if some one can help me here