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Shaw Gateway Sluggish

Question asked by cf18hornet on Apr 29, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2014 by mark_vse

I'm just wondering if any one else has had a similar issue as I have had. A little over a year ago we got the Gateway with three portals. After a few months one portal decided it wanted to become sluggish when trying to perform any operation. Whether trying to change the channel, bring up a menu or guide, or anything else related to the Gateway most of the time I have to hold down a button to get anything to work. If I'm trying to change the channel  I push the channel buttons and some of the channel numbers will work with a simple press of the button but sometimes I'll have to hold a number button down for it to be entered. Sometimes I'll hold it down for a few seconds and nothing will be entered resulting it to change to the channel of the incomplete number. Very frustrating. When using the menu, for example the recordings menu, I'll push the menu button. Sometimes it works like it should. Sometimes I have to hold down the button and wait until the Gateway responds. Once it does and the recordings are displayed I try to cycle through the list. This takes forever because its so sluggish that sometimes I'll use the arrows to find a recording to watch but it takes a few seconds to even cycle down one recording. I then moved another of our portals to replace the sluggish one and everything worked perfectly again so I knew it had nothing to do with the remote but the portal itself. Well yesterday our portal decided that it wanted to do the same thing as our other portal so now I'm down to one portal that works. I sure haven't found it to be worth the money with all the problems I've experienced.