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Gateway or standard HDPVR?

Question asked by deronjohnston on Apr 30, 2014
Latest reply on May 26, 2014 by gamerguy

I'm considering upgrading our second TV to HD. On our main TV I currently have an older Pace HD receiver with an expander drive that has mostly been OK. It is a purchased unit so we could put it on the second TV and get a new HD receiver unit for the main TV.


What are the opinions out there about the currently standard HDPVR (what model of Motorola is it?) and the Gateway/Arris unit? I hear the remote on the Arris isn't very popular. I know I'll miss out on the one-PVR-for-all-TVs if I go with the Motorola, but it is less expensive. I hear the guide on the Arris units is pretty good.


Any thoughts? What's the remote like for the current Motorola?