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Email Clients on Mobile Devices Not Downloading All Emails

Question asked by pokee99 on May 1, 2014
Latest reply on May 11, 2014 by [shaw]jeff
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I've recently been experiencing an issue with my Android email clients and the messages contained in my Inbox (and this is an issue I have not experienced for the 5+ years I've been using a smart phone with Shaw webmail and an email client).  When my emails 'sync', new emails that are in my Inbox on the web server are downloaded, but only a selection of them.  It appears that they are commonly used contacts that are either in my sent items or in my inbox already.  It's almost like a spam or junk filter that I have not set-up myself - but it's deciding for me.


I know this is not an issue with an individual device, because it's happening on my Samsung Galaxy S4 AND my Samsung tablet.  Both are running Android Version 4.4.2.  So I suspect it could be an issue with a recent Android update?


I know this is not an issue with my cell provider, because this issue occurs on my Tablet, where I only have WiFi access.


I know this is not an issue with a specific email client, because I have downloaded others and they all have the same issue.  I have removed all emails from the Android email client, and this didn't seem to help.


I know this is not an issue with my preferences or settings in Webmail because my email client on my PC (Thunderbird) is working just fine.


I do not automatically delete messages from the server, because I like to review all of them and decide which ones to delete myself manually.  So the clients should be downloading all new messages that have not already been downloaded to my phone.


I have set up my inboxes so they do not sync - all email gets downloaded to each email client independently ( so my settings are POP3 server:; Security Type=none; Port: 110; Delete email from server: Never).


I recently increased the number of messages to download into my inbox to 200 - and that's when I noticed the issues starting to happen.  I am not sure if that was a coincidence, because that seemed to work for a few weeks.  I then changed the emails to download in my inbox back to 50, and that didn't help.  Also, when I downloaded K-9, I left the inbox limit low - at 25.  Same issue for that client.  All I can think of is something with that change could have affected how emails are downloaded from the server to my phone, regardless of email client.


Other than this potential theory, and the possibility of an Android update messing up my devices, I have no clue why all of my new messages are not being downloaded to my mobile email clients.  Can someone help me figure out what's going on?