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How do reportspam and reportnotspam work?

Question asked by georgelangley on May 1, 2014
Latest reply on May 1, 2014 by [shaw]jeff

Hi there. I run a legitimate Newsletter, using the Mail Chimp service, following all email standards - opt-in subscription, unsubscribe links, adding the user's name in the Sender field, good content, mostly text with some pictures, well-formed HTML, etc.

Shaw filters are the worst for marking my Newsletter as potential spam. It's not every Newsletter, but I do not have any problems with the big boys like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. I send the Newsletter as a test email to just my various email addresses and that will get through to my Shaw account no problem, but when I send the real Newsletter, without any changes, it suddenly gets marked as spam.

AND I have to say this - it is unacceptable that the default setting for Shaw's filters is to delete spam automatically. MOST people do not have any clue about these filters, and have no idea that they are missing out on other legit email that Shaw has deleted on them with no notification. When I try to explain it to them, they have no clue that webmail even exists and think that I'm referring to the filters or rules on their computer's email program (Outlook, Mac Mail, whatever). Shaw's filtering should be the minimum setting - mark and send to Inbox, so that the user can then decide if it is in fact spam. But to automatically delete anything that Shaw thinks is spam is the same as a Canada Post person deciding what and what not to deliver to a mailbox - it is not Shaw's decision to make!

This default setting and incorrect marking as spam results in a significant number of my subscribers not getting the email. I monitor my account, and when I see it got flagged, I send out a notification to my Shaw-only readers to alert them of this fact and include instructions on how to log into webmail to change their spam filter setting and how to white-list our email address. But I would prefer to not have to do that! And that would include Shaw changing their default filter setting, so that people can still get it and then decide for themselves that Mr. Whoever from Nigeria is a scam, but our Newsletter that they signed up for isn't.

Now, it is of course possible that someone inadvertently or out of ignorance reported a Newsletter as spam and that's why the next Newsletter is suddenly marked as spam, although I highly doubt that this happens in the 10 minutes between my test email that goes through no problem and the full mailout that does get flagged. And it can't be the content, as that would have been flagged in the test email.

So I can only suspect that Shaw sees a large number of emails (1,800 Shaw subscribers) with the same subject, content, etc. and despite me using a legit mass email provider, puts up a spam flag on the spot. I would ask you to check into this and let us know if that in fact is what is happening.


Sorry to be so long, but it is important that we understand the current situation and the frustration level of having one ISP being a problem with all of my precautions to prevent this, especially when it isn't a problem with any other ISP.


SO, my final question is: how do the reportspam and reportnotspam email addresses work? Are they fully-automated and one person sending a reportspam email is going to flag all future communications from my email address? And if I then send the Newsletter to the reportNOTspam, will that reset it back? Or is a Shaw employee manually monitoring these addresses and making a proper judgement call before adding or removing the address from the spam list? AND, is there no way to have Shaw permanently add a legit sender to a whitelist so that we don't have this problem again? If your filter is working correctly, it should notice that the originating address is from Mail Chimp and that means it is following proper industry standards to send legit emails.