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Coronation Street not recording

Question asked by ivik86 on May 1, 2014
Latest reply on May 1, 2014 by [shaw]ali

Corrie not recording last 2 days at 3pm. Tried to watch recording in evening but it was incorrect program. First time I managed to record again as it was scheduled to repeat at 12:30 am. Same thing happened again yesterday but 12:30 slot was "to be announced" and Corrie was slotted at 2:30 am. Checked today and 2:30 slot recording was not Corrie but the news. Luckily I hedged my bets and recorded the 12am to 1am "to be announced" slot as well. It was George S followed by Corrie. Both of which normally play in this slot. So more than one problem here. Any one else having same problem?