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How Much Does Shaw Know?

Question asked by internautagain on May 2, 2014
Latest reply on May 14, 2014 by kenamirault

I spoke to a tech person @ Shaw who confirmed that Shaw knows what channels I watch, when, and for how long.


I reviewed the Shaw Privacy Policy but it is mostly about what rights Shaw has and what rights we give up when agreeing to a Shaw contract. But it doesn't explain about public W-Fi connect privacy as far as 'monitoring' or recording re: WiFi.


OK. So Shaw can monitor my Television *Medium Choices at home. I am not saying Shaw 'may', just saying Shaw "can".

But if I sign on to the Shaw Go-WiFi Anywhere (free?) access, does Shaw also record where I've been, what 'node' I was close to, distance I went, and for how long or anything?

Maybe, if it is easier for Shaw, please tell me what Shaw won't, or doesn't record.






* It's called the Television Medium because it is very Rare that it is ever Well-done.


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