another series recording problem - new episode missed, wrong show recorded instead

Discussion created by bcb on May 3, 2014
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yet another new problem surfaced last night recording a regularly scheduled series that has been working fine for many months without problem


this time, this week's new episode of Hawaii Five-0, ch11, 9pm failed to record properly, even though the recording appeared in the scheduled list. I assumed everything would be fine since the other day I noticed the regularly schedule recording in this week's list (a dangerous assumption with the 3510)


Actually, a recording DID take place in the assigned 9pm timeslot, but it was the completely WRONG show. Last night at 9pm ch11 the resultling recording was of Kitchen Nightmares, even though the recording itself is marked a a new season4 episode of Hawaii Five-O ch11 9pm.


upon further investigation of last night's TV guide schedule (on zap2it.com) I discovered that the new episode of Hawaii Five-O was actually into the 10pm timeslot and 9pm timeslot did have Kitchen Nightmares.


so this problem is reminiscent of my other recent problem where Agents of Shield failed to schedule a new episode when it appeared in a slightly different timeslot than usual. Like that earlier problem, last night's new episode was broadcast 1hr later than normal, but the 3510 failed to properly notice the schedule change in the guide. Unlike the previous problem I reported where the recording failed to even get scheduled at all, last night the new episode SEEMED to be scheduled in the usual timeslot even though it should have scheduled the recording at 10pm. So the net result is the wrong show was recorded even though the dumb 3510 claimed it was recording Hawaii Five-O at 9pm. Bottom line is the 3510 screws up a series recording again.


oh, and I notice a new update to the firmware went out earlier this week. Too bad none of these many many reliability issues reported by customers over the past year and a half are ever addressed (or even mentioned again by Shaw) - instead we get really useful changes for the Disney Channel and the totally-useless favourites feature...