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Outdated Program Listings Causing Missed Recordings

Question asked by billycyng on May 3, 2014
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Hi there,


I have an Arris Shaw Gateway with PVR and have occasionally encountered issues with outdated program listings from the TV guide.  As a result programs that I have set to be recorded are missed whenever the program listings is wrong.  For example, I am currently following the NBA playoffs and there will be games on Sportsnet One HD today at 4:30, but my programs guide shows Cycling around that time frame. 


Has anyone else encountered this outdated program listings issue on their Shaw gateway?  Oddly, for a different TV I have an old Pace PVR (not part of Gateway) and the listings there are correct.  So its definitely an issue affecting the Arris Shaw Gateway.  Also I can't find a way to record by time (rather than by Program) on the Arris Gateway; the old Pace PVR actually has this feature.


Any suggestions / help would be appreciated.