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Pace Summit DC758D issue

Question asked by wizzo on May 3, 2014
Latest reply on May 3, 2014 by [shaw]andrew



Activated a Pace Summit DC758D box to my account this afternoon. Was working fine when the activation agent asked me to see if the channels were working. Turned the unit on, channels worked fine. Tested an MPEG4 channel, perfect.


About 1 hour after initial hookup, the unit turned itself off, restarted and now doesn't appear to be working. When the unit is turned on, the front panel displays a 0 (zero) and the Message indicator is flashing. Powercycling the unit appears to do nothing either. Most buttons on the unit itself and remote will not change the display, and there is no picture or sound on the screen. I can access the unit's settings (Aspect Ratio, Pillarbox, etc.) if I power the unit off and hit Menu right away, but that's the only thing that will display on screen.


I'm unsure what may have happened? It was a brand new unit/refurbish purchased from Visions recently. Any help is appreciated.