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NO PICTURE/AUDIO - Pacer Digital Cable Box

Question asked by eajcook on May 4, 2014
Latest reply on May 4, 2014 by shaw-brayden

I've spent the last three hours talking to two different customer services representatives trying to fix this. Since Friday I haven't been able to watch anything through the Pacer Digital Box but my PVR recordings work perfectly.


I've tried everything that has been recommended to me and the advice suggested both online and from customer service representatives. To repeat I don't get any cable signal whatsoever but all my PVR recordings work perfectly with both video and sound.


I've tried power cycling, I've tried the sata route, I'm really at a loss as to what's causing this problem. In the past when this has occurred, usually because of a local power outage the power cycling has worked, but not this time.


I barely watch much television and one of the few reasons I have it is to watch playoff NHL/NBA and Game of Thrones so missing all that this weekend and the frustration of the last three hours makes me feel inclined right now to cut my losses and abandon television altogether after 15 years.