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Prime time speed drops or something else?

Question asked by sularin1x on May 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2014 by noah

I regularly play Counter-Strike, a game that has been around for a good long time in various forms. Recently, I was having trouble with lag spikes regardless of which server I was connected to if it was during peak times which here are apparently 6PM - 1AM. I tried bypassing my router and had the same issues, called shaw, they 'changed' something on their end while we were on the phone and low and behold maxing out on download and upload with much better latency on speedtest. I reconnect the router, the speeds remain good for a few days. Speeds drop again, I start to notice some issues in my router itself as it starts to drop packets and devices are having a hard time connecting in parts of the house where they shouldn't have an issue through wifi. I go out and buy a new router, a dlink nighthawk, I configure it and get everything for QoS setup, works great during non peak times. Now the last couple days I've been getting the same lag spikes, I do a speedtest, 3mbps down and 1.3mbps up. I call shaw, wait on the line for 25 minutes, then get taken down the normal street, test, test, yes still 3mbps/1.3mbps. Unplug/restart router/modem/computer, explain 3 times that I'm hardwired to router and not using the wifi on my desktop at this point I do speedtest again and get 17mbps down which apparently is good? on a 25mbps account? I get told that I have to bypass the router for 24 hours to ensure that it's not my wireless router causing the issue. I'll do this, but I've had tech's out before and every time, it was something on the shaw end. Once it was water in the connections at the street, another time it was a hardware issue (a card?) somewhere in the area or so I was told. Those were ongoing though and this seems to only occur during those times, any suggestions as to how to get the 25mbps/2.5mbps that I'm paying for in a more consistent fashion?