Shaw contacted me 3 times to get me back as a customer....

Discussion created by lucasmont on May 5, 2014
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Ok, so Shaw lost me after 10 loyal years because one of their departments does not know the ethics of handling an issue...  So Ileft and went for TELUS Business, for Internet, which blows Shaw away due to their UNLIMITED feature at no extra cost.


First, we have a retention person call me 2 weeks after I let and they try to entice me to go back by giving me $5 off.  That failed immediately since I am paying less with Telus for more.  I told them to call me back when they got a better proposition for me.  They never called back.  1 months into the termination of service with Shaw, I get a general letter asking me to come back.  I ignored that automated note.


Then, 1 month later again, we gt this guy from the "credibility" department who calls me and tells me Shaw is coming to upgrade the network in my area.  They forgot to check I was no longer a Shaw customer.  Anyhow, the guy listened to me (although if he read the notes on the account, he'd know) and why I left Shaw and he tried to give me some sort of deal.  That failed too as I shot back with what I was getting with Telus Business.  I there too, told him to call me back if he ever finds something that fits my only criteria, then I would come back.  That person never called me back.



All in all, the lesson for Shaw (and do get this to management) is to make sure you have a damn too salivating deal before you try to get your ex-Shaw customers back.


Goodnight and we'll be back soon!