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Question asked by petey on May 5, 2014
Latest reply on May 6, 2014 by mark_vse

If i missed the current discussion on this I'm sorry, couldn't find anything recent.


Does anyone have any information as to where Shaw is at with the Gateway app? They seem to be putting out lots of other apps recently but not the one that I think most people are waiting for. Personally I'm looking to be able to program my PVR remotely, that's my biggest desire, but I'd take any other functionality that could be provided. This was supposed to be imminent when I got my gateway almost 2 years? ago now. I know there's been lots of problems behind the scenes and that but right now the premier shaw product is severly lacking the competition.Thanks for any updates that are avaliable.


My mom had the 'other product' installed last week, I was blown away by the functionality of their app and programming, as much as I hate the company. After playing with the guide and setup for a bit I was pretty impressed, actually started reviewing pricing for my situation. If it wasn't for my wife having to change her email address and the investment I have in Shaw equipment, I think I'd seriously be considering making a switch.