Another old problem resurfaces? - show locked by rating

Discussion created by bcb on May 6, 2014
Latest reply on May 22, 2014 by shaw-colin

Another strange problem with my 3510, one I know has been reported by others long ago but the first time I've personally encountered it in 1.5 years of use


last night, a regularly scheduled series recording of Top Chef Canada ch52 6pm was recorded by my 3510


while it's nice that a series recording DID record (ha ha - I'm only half joking), I see in the recording list the show title is followed by "(Locked by Rating)". WTF?


I have never set any parental controls or a PIN on this machine. I've been recording and watching this series for a long time now and have never seen this before, on this or any other series recording.


When I try to play the recording, a dialog box pops up asking me to set up a PIN


why is this happening?  Wasn't this bug supposed to have been addresses long ago??? or is this another unresolved issue, lost  and ignored in the depths of this forum?


as far as I can tell, this particular series recording has been affected by this bug at random... But with a bunch of other series finales coming up soon, I'm worried this is going to screw up watching one of those.