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Shaw on Demand won't let me order anything

Question asked by pyridoxine on May 6, 2014
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after some trouble and a shaw technician at my place, the noCP error is finally gone and I can watch TV.

However now I ran into the next problem: Shaw on Demand.


I can press the button and enter the menu. I can browse through all movies - but as soon as I select any movie or TV show, it pops up with the information about the title, but the only available button there is "cancel". It won't allow me to order any movie or select any quality, it's simply missing.


I even logged in my account on my computer and there I can select titles from shaw on demand and even watch some on the computer - however when I order a movie there and try to watch on my TV under the "my orders" tab it simply won't show any orders at all.


Thanks for the assistance -


A somewhat frustrated shaw customer