MOCA on DCX's?

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I am not sure if you are aware,  two dcx3400m with moca enabled does not work.  With moca, there has to be a master dvr, and both can't be masters.  Dcx3200m's connect via moca to the dcx3400, so from a recording perspective you still are stuck with 2 tuners.  Looking at the overall system, the tuners can be used for live on the 3200m boxes, but recording is still limited to two.


THe gateway product equivalent is the dcx3600, however motorola does not have it available yet for purchase.


Edit:  Depending on software loaded you can make two dvrs that are moca enabled work together.  Just looking at companies offering this, it appears Time Warner in the states does support multiple dvrs.  Other companies like rogers, eastlink, comcast to name a few seem to support  1 dvr, and non dvr boxes to pair with.  So my initial statement saying it won't work is being retracted.