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Problem with email on Kindle Fire

Question asked by chizukok on May 8, 2014
Latest reply on May 8, 2014 by chizukok

I am having trouble with accessing my Shaw email on my Kindle Fire.  I followed the POP3 instructions on Shaw:


Incoming server settings, choose the account type (POP3), and select the server (, Security type (none), and Port (110) for the incoming server.

Outgoing server settings and select the IMAP or POP server (,Security type (Start TLS accept all), and Port (587) for the outgoing server.



I am able to send emails but my inbox is not showing any messages.  I have tried to send emails to myself but they don't show in my inbox on my Kindle but do show in my inbox on my computer.  Is it a problem with my incoming settings?  I have also tried using Exchange as my email server and also downloaded an app to access my email: K-9 email but I have the same problem. 


Any insight would be appreciated!