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Avast free-Banned from Forum-???

Question asked by macko1944 on May 8, 2014
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I have 3 computers.Desktop(XP Home),laptop(Vista Home 64),netbook(win 7  32).When XP support stopped I changed AV from SE to Avast free.I was going to do that on my other 2 computers,but before,I wanted to ask Avast Forum,whether I can use the same email address and password for the other two.So I registered at the Forum(required to post que.)and asked the above.Next day I wanted to check for response,and to my amazement,i found that I was BANNED FOREVER from entering this Forum.Unbelievable.Tried phoning(UK number),got tech support,they told me to contact Customer support.I did.They gave me a ticket#(May 5).Since there was no answer to this either,I wrote again(another ticket # May 7).No answer,wrote 3rd time(May 8).Can anyone help?Why would this happen?I am a 76 yr old retiree with limited knowledge of computers.and not a cybercriminal!What is there to do?PLEASE HELP.Thank you!