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Forwarding foolishness?

Question asked by bethaa on Sep 9, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2012 by kevinds

Okay, so I get my email (into my Shaw webmail) that my paperless SHAW invoice is ready.  I now - with the useless version 2.0 - have to click to display images, and when I forward the email to myself at work so that I remember to pay the bill, all that shows up is some programming language garbage like pasted here:


    <title>Your Shaw Invoice</title>



*                                            *

*             element selectors              *

*                                            *




margin: 0;

padding: 0;





background-color: #fff;

color: black;

font-family: "Arial Narrow";

font-size: 10pt;

font-style: normal;

font-weight: 400;

margin: 10px;

padding: 0;

width: 95%;


Etc., etc., etc. Seriously?  What a load of crap.  I wish I had never chosen to "upgrade" to this useless version of Shaw webmail.  I can't believe that you released a program that is so full of bugs and issues.  Totally unprofessional and incompetant. I am working on switching everything over to my gmail and my hotmail, and to eventually not have to use Shaw's webmail for hardly anything.  Why release a program that doesn't work?  Who are the five year olds that did your beta testing?