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vpn dns problem

Question asked by brittshaw on Sep 10, 2012
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Hi, Just got shaw internet and am having some problems connecting to work with VPN... curious if anyone has any ideas.  Here's the problem:

- I connect to vpn fine, can connect to our Exchange mail server (which is outward facing) etc.

- access to subdomain servers (ie: fails.  Can't ping, connect, etc. either to "server1" or to ""


While it's entirely possible that my client pc or the company server setup is the problem, it works just fine with telus.  I've tried everything google led to but no results so far.


Would setting the Shaw router/modem (smc d3gn) in bridge mode help?  I was planning on that eventually anyways and have a router sitting here.  I did try to login to the smc router, but the password (serial no.) did not work (cusadmin username).