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PVR dropping scheduled programs off of recording list

Question asked by colin_newell on May 9, 2014
Latest reply on May 10, 2014 by [shaw]ali

The last week or so we have been losing one show scheduled for recording after another -


First it was Hawaii Five-O, then American Idol and now Grimm.


We put the programs in to record as we always have - always days in advance... and if we check the day before or the day of -

they have dropped off of the list. Same this morning. We put in Grimm last night for recording today.


This morning we check it - and it is gone from the recording queue. On request of one of your Shaw techs, we reset the PVR by power cycling it late yesterday afternoon (which seemed to clear another glitch we were having - an odd parental lock issue [Modern Family and The Voice were locked by rating])


The other thing was - when we finally did get American Idol to record, it was "listed" as American Idol in playback but it was actually Survivor that was recorded!?


Anyone else noticing these odd behaviors --


Frustrated in Victoria...