HD PVR Final Take

Discussion created by tsat on May 15, 2014
Latest reply on May 15, 2014 by kevinds

Ok I have been using my new pvr for awhile and here is my final take.



1. This is a big one, it bugs me every day, I can not use the guide to select any new recordings (ie set up recordings for the next day) while I am watching an existing recording or when two recordings are in the process of recording two shows). That may seem like a little thing but I record a lot of shows so a lot of the time both tuners are recording so I can't set up next days recording, I could we my old PVR.

2. When watching something that is being recording when it hits the 1/2 hour or hour mark in real time it throws me back to the beginning of the show I was watching. Something that also never happened with my old one.

3. No matter which way you slice it going through the guide takes longer.


These issues have really impacted my viewing and what really really bugs me is that when I buy something new I expect it to be BETTER not worse than what I had. That is unforgiveable in my books and you can bet I will not recommend Shaw to anyone.

Final two cents, why can Telus sell a PVR that is comparable to Shaw's but only be $99 instead of $349? This is just ripping people off, you can bet when this unit finally goes Shaw goes too.